About Us





yes Business consulting.


yes Research & development.


yes marketing plan.


yes Strategic plan.


yes Firm principal.


yes Implimentation & management.


yes Employee training seminar & workshops.



  About us:


Having 12 years experience in expanding many businesses across , pune,

new mumbai,marathwada,Solapur and Ahmednagar.



     Lounched following companies.



yesEastern Masala (Kerala) Launched New Mumbai,Pune.



yesRedak Marketers (Jalna) Launched Marathwada.



yesZum Zum Industries. (Beed) Launched Marathwada.



yesThe School Express (news paper)consultnat & developer.(Beed)



yesIITE (Pune) Launched Marathwada.



   Consulting & trainings.


yesManufacturing Companies.




yesRetail Mall.

yesRetail Shops


    Problem solution

enlightenedHow to growth Business ?

enlightenedHow to increase the Profit ?

enlightenedHow to Reduce expences ?

enlightenedHow to reduce wages?

enlightenedHow to handle emplyee ?

enlightenedHow to build-up brand image / company Image ?

enlightenedHow to do minimum time in maximum work ?etc.

   like a many problem solution you can get.


  Job training-Consulting




               You can get benifits following services.

  • enlightened Interview Training                                                               
  • enlightened What is the indoor Job ?
  • enlightened What is the outdoor Job ?
  • enlightened Which Job Better for You ?
  • enlightened Marketing Training.
  • enlightened Sales Training.
  • enlightened Manageing Training.
  • enlightened Responsibility of Employee.
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Manufacturing Companies ?
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Marketing Companies ?
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Agencies(C&F,SS) ?
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Distributer ?
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Traders/ Wholesallers ?
  • enlightened What is Strategy of Raitelers ?
  • enlightenedWhat is Strategy of Consumers ?